College of the Desert celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Campus organizations worked together to bring festival to college

by Jon Whritenour
Section Editor

College of the Desert celebrates the popular and famous Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo by hosting a special festival at the campus. The fiesta, held by the Latina Leadership Club, took place from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 5. Several school clubs were involved with the event.

Participating clubs include: American Sign language, Black Student Union, Ecologic Club, Alas con Futuro, World Beat and others.
Tickets to the events were sold for $8 and ticket-holders wore a coin and a stamp on their hand. Loud Mexican music blared and a mariachi band provided live entertainment and music for the crowd. There were also some ladies wearing Mexican dresses, doing a dance that is a part of the Mexican culture. Little kids performed a dance, too.

This event had some good Mexican food, rice, beans, and tortillas with beef or steak. They had water and soda also. At the beginning of the fiesta a person involved with the fiesta told the story of how Cinco de Mayo came to exist. Basically he said that the French were trying to take over Mexico. Unfortunately for them the Americans helped the Mexicans and the French were promptly defeated.

As a result the Mexicans owed a debt of gratitude to the Americans for helping them in a time of need. Mexico’s victory resulted in the creation of Cinco de Mayo. It has been a regularly celebrated holiday ever since. He said that the Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo more than the Mexican people.

There was a contest between the clubs. People were able to vote for the club with the best booth. They voted by putting the coin they received earlier in the particular clubs container. They played the games each club featured before deciding their favorite booth.

The black student union booth didn’t have any games; they just talked about the relationship in history between the blacks and Mexicans. They wanted to educate people on their history with Mexican people.
Obviously they weren’t going to win the contest and they didn’t.

There were some fun games like hacky sack, which the American Sign Language club had at their booth. The person who won the game would be allowed to throw whipped cream in another individual’s face. When asked about the games, one student said, “ This is great! I get to hit some guy in the face with whipped cream.”

The ecologic club had a game called the ball toss. One club, Alas con Futuro had a couple of games. This club had ring toss, rocket toss, and something that looked like a fake donkey. Alas Con Futuro won the contest, because they had the most coins.

After they announced the winner of the contest, the students continued to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. There were a lot of people celebrating this holiday and it’s rich culture.

A person involved with bringing this event to College of the Desert, commented on the Cinco de Mayo culture. She said, “The clubs brought this event, it wasn’t the college. Culture reflects society, and we are all open to any culture. It’s a culture, not just Mexican.”

This was a very fun event; everyone that attended this fiesta had fun. This fiesta had everything a Mexican person would want, from mariachi bands to rice and beans.

The only thing missing; cervezas and the party would have been a complete Mexican celebration, but it celebrated the culture of Mexico in a very festive way.

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