Google’s new social network gains more users

Does the unprecedented growth of Google Plus make it a Facebook killer?

by Gleidy Isais
Staff Reporter

From left, Google attorney Susan Creighton, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, former Justice Department anti-trust director Thomas Barnett, and Nextag Inc. CEO Jeff Katz , are sworn in on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 21,2011, prior to testifying before the Senate Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights subcommittee hearing to examine the growth and practices of Google. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

The growth of Google’s new social network Google Plus has been nothing short of phenomenal. This new social networking site has been compared to Facebook since the day it was released on Sept. 15. According to the Geeky Stuff, Google Plus has been labeled the Facebook “killer.” Meanwhile, Facebook is trying hard to maintain its position in the world of social networking.

Will Weber, 19, a student at Irvine Valley College, fell in love with this new site. “I found out about it the first day it was released. I saw it in a Google ad and read up on it,” he said. “Once I learned some of the new and intricate features, I was hooked and I love it.” Weber also mentions how Facebook is getting old and Google Plus is a nice change from the previous social networks.

Recent complaints have been made by the users of Facebook. Comments have been posted on Facebook saying how bad the new Facebook layout is and how this network is starting to become the “new Myspace.” In other words, Facebook is starting to “lose its cool,” while Google Plus is becoming more popular by the second.

“From what I see it’s more simple. Like Myspace got too complicated and everyone went to Facebook because it was simple and there wasn’t stuff all over the page. It’s the same thing. But now it’s Google,” says Philip Genera, 19, a student at College of the Desert.

There isn’t much of a difference between both sites. Google Plus has many similar features from Facebook. For instance, they both have categories to separate your friends from your co-workers to your family, and so on. They also both have video chat, phone apps,  a place to show your location and of course, the “Like” button. Although Google Plus has all those features, it is missing a couple that make Facebook a bit more entertaining, such as the Facebook pages, games, and questions. Besides that Google Plus has plenty of plus sides: it’s clean, simple and there is a little more color on the page.

The social network pages are changing constantly. It went from saying, “add me to your top friends” on Myspace, “Facebook me” on Facebook, and now a combination of both: “add me to your circle” or “circle me” on Google Plus.

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