REAL TALK: Papi Churro on bad, ignorant drivers

Laugh along with “Papi Churro” as he gets real

by Raymond Bondad
Section Editor 

Real Talk: Is it me or is it really easy to get your driver’s license out here in the desert? I mean, I am from Los Angeles, so I would not know, but do they even hand out the California DMV Handbook out here?

Real Talk: A “stop” sign is red with four (4) letters and eight (8) sides. A “yield” sign is white with red outline, five (5) letters, and looks like an upside-down triangle. Learn the difference.

Real Talk: If you talk on your phone while driving and either drive 15 MPH or you swerve in and out of your lane, try pulling over and getting out of the way. Multitasking is not for everyone so move your safety hazard-self out of the way for those of us who can tell the person on the phone, “I’ll call you back when I get home.”

Real Talk: Stop using the ignorant stereotype that Asians are bad drivers. So many reports here in the Coachella Valley, of hit and runs with suspects being of either Hispanic or Caucasian descent. And the Asians? We only make up 1.1% of the Coachella Valley’s population. Plus, Asians usually always have insurance so if we happen to hit you, we will not run.

Real Talk: If you are in the parking lot driving a bit too fast, slow down. Even if you think you are a cautious driver, nine times out of ten there will be someone just like you that will come out of nowhere.

Real Talk: If you hit a parked car… enough said.

Real Talk: If you know your left turn is coming up, switch lanes several yards prior to. Do not go cutting people off or slowing down traffic because you are trying to get over. And also, use the left turn lane and get out of the way. If you are making a right turn, get as far right as you can and make your turn. Do not hold up traffic in the right lane and do not take a full-on minute to make your turn.

Real Talk: Switch lanes or turn, do not leave your signal on. It is annoying, seriously.

Real Talk: If you eat and drive, cool. If you drink and drive, not cool. If you pose a threat to others’ safety because you are just that bad of a driver, stay home. Control your bad habits and keep the roads safe!

Real Talk: A lot of you just need to turn your driver’s licenses in for a bus pass.

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