As holidays approach, many people seek employment

by German Ruiz
Student Contributor

“Are you hiring right now?”

That is the question most frequently asked by anyone who is looking for work. The holidays are approaching and jobs are limited and its very tough for many people, especially if they have a family.

Anytime there are opportunities to find work around the holidays, whether it is in groceries stores like Vons or retail stores like JC Penney, it could turn out to be a way to find a longer term job.

“Times are so hard right now to find work that anywhere I go it feels like I am going to be denied,” sys Erick Gonzalez, a student at College of the Desert. In the past six months, he has been looking for work in several places with no success. Many people are in the same situation as Erick. It can be depressing to look so hard for work and get nothing in return.

Grocery stores like Vons and Stater Bros. always hire around the holidays due to the high number of customers they receive and no experience is needed. Ken Myers, store manager at Vons in Desert Hot Springs, sees a high volume of people coming into his store with people asking him if they are hiring anyone.

“I see many different people in different age groups come in asking if we are hiring, and I always direct them to the hiring monitor where they fill out an application to begin the process of getting a job. I can never guarantee that they will get a job ¬†when they fill it out, but most certainly they can expect to get a call back,” Myers said.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, one is determined to look anywhere for work to make a little extra money for themselves or for their loved ones. With so many people looking for work and having no luck, it would be easy to give up, but in reality there are jobs out there, especially with the holidays approaching.

Vons is one store that will be hiring these holidays and those who are determined are sure to find a job.

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