Fresh & Easy recalls spinach due to Listeria fears

by Valerie Castro
Student Contributor

Over the past week there has been a recall for spinach being sold at Fresh & Easy Markets. The name on the packaged spinach is F&E.

The recall was announced because the spinach could be contaminated with Listeria. Listeria is a pathogenic that can cause food poisoning to humans and animals. The company marketing this brand of spinach is located in El Segundo, Calif.

Reportedly there have been no illnesses caused by spinach. sold by Fresh & Easy markets located in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

The organism in Listeria can cause serious and fatal infections. Elderly people, frail people, and young children have a greater chance of being infected with the infection because of weaker immune systems.

Some of the symptoms from being infected with Listeria are sever headaches, nausea, stiffness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It is important to check for expiration dates when buying spinach, take a close look to make sure there is not any type of discoloring or mold.

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