ONLINE: Exam anxiety troubles anxious students

by Bradley Ferrell
Student Contributor

Every school, every year, every semester, exams are given to students to test their knowledge on the subject they are taking. These exams are the culprits that cause exam anxiety that most students suffer. Exam anxiety is defined as the feeling of nervousness or worry over an exam.

“Anxiety is caused by the fear of answering the test questions wrong. It’s a psychological issue that’s in your mind,” says Khanh Hoang, a counselor at College of the Desert.

When asking Hoang what are some ways that students can overcome this anxiety, he said it all stars with preparation. He said a lot of students procrastinate and when they do they have all the information to study at the last minute and they get disorganized and start to stress out.

“Get a good night sleep the night before an exam, eat well before the exam, and have a positive attitude; don’t get worried,” said Hoang.

Another suggestion was to have regular contact with your instructors and ask questions when you do not understand the material. Try to use what is learned outside of the classroom and talk to friends about the subject.

Ronald B. Adler and Russel F. Proctor II, in their textbook “Looking Out, Looking In,” expands on procrastination by stating “The self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as an expectation of an event, followed by behavior based on that expectation, that makes the outcome more likely to occur than would have been otherwise.”

Exam Anxiety is purely psychological and can be cured.

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