‘Harold & Kumar’ go 3-D

The new “Harold & Kumar” movie brings laughs for the holiday season

by Michael Gonzalez
Section Editor

Harold and Kumar return in a holiday movie with some old friends returning. They are two guys who smoke weed and get into adventures from traveling to White Castle to later escaping the law for being suspected terrorists.

After their last adventure, the two friends became seperated when Harold moves out and marries his dream girl, Maria. Later on, Kumar receieves a package for Harold and sends it to him.  The package turned out to be weed which burned down Maria’s family Christmas tree.

The two friends must go through drug fantasies, mobsters, dancing Broadway and fixing up Santa’s wound on Christmas.

While the two friends reunite again, Harold’s neightbor Todd and Kumar’s roommate Adrian try to survive a night which includes a dangerous russian mob boss locked in a closet with Todd’s daughter who is experiencing marijuana, ecstacy and cocaine all at once.

Harold is portrayed by John Cho who is known for acting as Mr. Sulu in the Star Trek film. Harold is the responsible person who tries to put up with Kumar’s antics.

Kal Penn is Kumar who is a marijuana addict and the free spirit of the duo. Penn is also involved in politics with the Obama administration.  He plans on working for Obama’s re-election in the next presidential race.

Neil Patrick Harris returns as himself. Harris is known for playing Barney Stinson in “How I Met Your Mother.” In the film, Neil portrays a drug addict who fakes his relationship as a gay.

Although Neil supposedly died in the last film, he came back to life after getting kicked out of heaven for hitting on Jesus Christ’s women.

There were a few celebrity appearances in the film and they include Danny Trejo and Thomas Lennon. Trejo is known for playing bad guy roles in the movie franchise “From Dusk til Dawn.” Lennon was on the police comedy “Reno 911” as Lt. Jim Dangle, the leader of the Sheriff’s Dept. of Reno, Nevada.

The film uses too many 3-D shots of such things as people throwing eggs, a burning tree, and a flying statue. The jokes in the movie included  a baby on drugs and Harris trying to get it on with a backup dancer. Although it had some good moments, the film left a lot to be desired.

The movie is currently being shown in 2-D and 3-D in theaters everywhere. The film budget was $ 19 miilion and the box office grossed over $ 20 million nationwide its first weekend.  This is the third film in the “Harold & Kumar” franchise from Warner Bros. and New Lines Cinema.

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