Measure J approved in Palm Springs

Tax hike to renovate downtown, Desert Fashion Plaza

by Christopher Livingston
Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Palm Springs voters approved Measure J. It was approved by a 58 percent to 42 percent vote. This measure will bring about a tax hike that city official’s hope will revitalize Downtown Palm Springs. Measure J will raise taxes by one percent to 8.75 percent through 2037, raising as much as $200 million.

The Desert Fashion Plaza, which has recently come under fire for being in decay, is a main target for Measure J. A scheduled $43 million is to be budgeted towards the mall. This will be the largest private development investment the city has ever made.

Opponents of the measure felt that the funding for such a project shouldn’t be the burden of the taxpayers. Furthermore, they felt that a a 25-year tax hike is too long.

Campaigns in favor of Measure J raised nearly 16 times as much as opposing campaigns. The Committee to Support Measure J and the city of Palm Springs combined to raise more than $203,000 for campaign funds, while opponents of the measure raised around $13,000.

Palm Springs is not the only city that is seeing a tax hike being approved in the aftermath of the 2011 elections. As reported in The Desert Sun, 75 percent of measures requiring tax hikes in the state were approved.

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