Real Talk with Papi Churro

by Raymond P. Bondad
Section Editor

Real Talk:  Getting arrested for occupying a park, a few hours past your signed permit allowed, is just plain stupid.  Even worse if you were arrested, knocked out in a sleeping bag.

Real Talk:  Occupying Coachella Valley should consist of the occupation of more than just Palm Desert.  How about the occupation of the Eastern side of the valley?  Oh and Indio is not the East Valley.

Real Talk:  Occupy Wall Street, I get it.  Occupy Oakland,  such violence to a non-violent protest.  Occupy Coachella Valley…what exactly are you occupying and why?  The Coachella Valley is all about retirement and a hot spot for snowbirds in the winter time.

Real Talk:  If Occupy Coachella Valley is the 99 percent, then the Coachella Valley is REALLY tiny.

Real Talk:  Is it me or is the perception of The Chaparral as being a biased student-run newspaper, due to the fact that our beloved campus is bombarded by nonstop political rant by politically over-inclined students?

Real Talk:  College of the Desert is building new buildings from bonds paid for by Coachella Valley residents but due to cutbacks, we’re losing more classes and Professors.  The so-called 99 percent of Coachella Valley should make an impacting presence to eliminate educational cutbacks.

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