Winter Fashion 2011

Winter fashions (Ani Mikaelian/The Chaparral)

When you think of winter, you automatically picture snow. That’s not the case in the desert. Here people can take advantage of fashion without having to worry about either breaking a sweat or catching frostbite. In comparison to Northern California, desert cities suffers some high speed winds—but that’s about it.

From November to February, the Coachella Valley has highs of 70 and lows of 40 degrees, the ideal weather for fashionistas. Unlike spring and summer where clothes should be shed, winter calls for layers, layers, and more layers! Accessories should also be taken advantage of, from scarves and hats to mittens and boots.

Vibrant color has been growing more prominent in winter fashion over the past few years. Spring and summer should not be the only seasons to be colorful. After all, Christmas time is anything but white in the desert!  This time of year is filled with holidays to bring people closer, comfort food to make them happier, and layers of beautiful clothing to accommodate each and every occasion.

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