Students need not fret about transfer unknowns, resources on campus can help ease the pain of transfer

Different students have different worries about transferring, The Chaparral offers some helpful tips to clear the fog

by Sharlah Lotze
Staff Reporter

Counselour Khanh Hoang advises architecture student Anthony Wood (Sofie Casassa/The Chaparral)
Counselour Khanh Hoang advises architecture student Anthony Wood (Sofie Casassa/The Chaparral)

The transfer process from College of the Desert to California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), Palm Desert Campus is a process many students will traverse.  Many COD students are currently going through this very process.  Help is on the way.

Charleen Roberts says her biggest worry is “the money and having to pay for it all.  I don’t get financial aid, so I will have to pay straight from my pocket.”  Another student had similar worries.  Katrina Raicevic says of transferring, “I know the classes are more expensive, and I am worried about financial aid.”

Financial aid is a definite worry, but going from the semester system to the quarter system is also a worry.  Transitioning from a 17-week program to a 10-week program is difficult, to say the least.  There are, thankfully, resources in place to help with both of these major concerns.

First on the list of worries is money.  To apply for financial aid at CSUSB is basically the same process at any area campus.  Log onto and apply for any and all grants available.  You have until March 2 to take this action.  Something that CSUSB offers is  ‘MyCoyote,’ which is similar to COD’s WebAdvisor. Through this student portal, you can apply for multiple scholarships, simultaneously.  When you complete the scholarship applications, you have completed applications for numerous scholarships.

Second on the list, the time factor.  Time is a hot commodity when you are a student.  So when you are accustomed to having a certain amount of time to complete a task such as writing a paper, going into a situation that permits less time is strenuous.  There are several different ways to cope with this issue.

You will want to have another limb attached to your body called your planner. Write everything down, always.  If you don’t, it will be forgotten, period.  Second, there is a program called “Cross Enrollment”.  For $10 you you can take one class at CSUSB while still attending COD.  It eases you into the quarter system without completely knocking the wind out of you.

There are some requirements you have to meet, like being enrolled in at least 6 units at COD and have at least a 2.0 GPA.  There are forms to fill out, which you can get via:

All in all, the program helps, and is worth the effort.  Besides sliding into quarters easier, cross enrollment also will allow you to finish quicker, which is a huge incentive.  For more information on the cross enrollment program, call 760.341.2883 ext. 78110, or email your questions to

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