FAME holds gaming tournament in Beeps Cafe on March 19

Campus gaming tournament invites students to compete for prizes

by Matthew Swanson
Staff Reporter

FAME pres. Moze Martinez-Gomez presents tournament bracket (Matthew Swanson/The Chaparral).

On March 19  at 5pm, the Film , Art, Music and Entertainment connection (FAME) held a Marvel vs. Capcom gaming tournament in the Beeps Cafe game room. FAME promotes arts, concerts, open-mic nights.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ is a fighting video game that consists of two universes, Marvel Comics and Capcom Co. The character list is comprised of heroes and villains from these companies. Players make up teams of 3 characters such as, Ryu, Spider-man, Magneto, Wesker and many more.

FAME pulled out all the stops.  This tournament had virtual fighting and good food, all held in a fun environment. Some of the prizes included a copy of ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ for first place, second place received a $25 gift card to the COD bookstore, and a Nerf gun went to the third place winner. Winner of the “loser” bracket received a different sort of prize- they got to give a pie in the face to FAME tournament organizer, Moze Martinez-Gomez.

The winner of this all out brawl of a tournament was COD student, Chris Vadeboncoeur. He took home a copy of ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ by winning every match.

Some may wonder how FAME fits in with Marvel vs. Capcom. Martinez-Gomez explains that comics are a form of art. Take a look at Marvel vs. Capcom, and you can really see how comics have evolved and branched into a form of entertainment.

FAME has two open-mic nights coming up. One is to be held on April 16 at the Marks Art Center. These events are promoted to ignite school spirit, but most of all, for students to just have fun!

For more information about FAME Connection follow them on Facebook.

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