Great bowls of salsa

National Week of Foreign Languages a delicious success for students and faculty

by Rodrigo Diaz
Student Contributor

On March 8, as part of College of the Desert’s celebration of  Foreign Languages week, a salsa contest was held in the Cafe courtyard attended by students, instructors, and judges of the contest.

One of the hosts of the contest, Ms. Artel Garcia, commented that “The purpose of this contest was to promote cross cultural awareness.” A group of about 25 contestants appeared to the event, each bringing a bowl and a large display board showing information on the country the salsa comes from.

The display boards showed the ingredients that went into a salsa, the country where it came from, including general facts such as exports and population. The judges based their decisions about who would go on to the second round of the two-round event on taste and presentation.

The contest winners received prizes for their efforts.  First Place was $100 cash, the Second Place prize was $50, and the Third Place winner received $25. The judges for the salsa contest consisted of three of the Spanish teachers.

“I think the contest went great, we had 25 different salsas, and all were very unique,” said Ms. Teresa Moulin, one of the judges. “I’m looking forward to next year’s contest.  I hope we have more students participate and maybe even have students from other classes join.”  Contestants and audience members were able to look at the different projects and taste the different salsas.

A contestant and winner of the salsa contest, Stacie Wells had this to say, “The salsa was easy to make; however, the board was very technical,” she continued, “I had fun, I enjoyed learning and finding out about the different cultures and recipes.”

This event was an interesting activity for the Spanish classes, and one event that teachers hope to expand next year.

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