No Stress-Out Day helps take the stress out of daily living for students

Students can learn to prepare for exams by relieving stress.

by Will Guzman
Section Editor

April 23 was No Stress Out Day on campus, a day for students to mentally prepare themselves for an upcoming test, or anything else that is stressing them out in their daily lives. A stress reduction workshop was led by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Jill Gover, of the Student Health Center. A Zumba presentation was also offered, and students from the Milan Institute also came and provided complimentary massages to stressed-out students.

Cynthia Price, the event’s organizer, explained,  “This event is part of the Active Minds Club, a national organization, to help raise awareness of the negative effects of stress and to raise awareness of mental health, in general.” One booth, staffed by members of the Desert Safehouse’s Cup of Happy showed how some psychological disorders may be prevented.  Craft and activity tables also provided snacks. Cassandra Homing,  a participant at Dr. Gover’s workshop, tells what she experienced, “What happens is that Dr. Gover does a meditation relaxation and she goes through a progressive imagery. You go through the body tensing, and then relaxing, then the breathing; and in the imagery you’re on a beach or something familiar to you.  Then she brings you back up and you feel so relaxed.”

Many students participating in Dr. Gover’s workshop were worried about upcoming tests or finals. “I know that it is a very stressful time,” said Dr. Gover.   “Students get very anxious about finals and I wanted to offer them an opportunity to stop, take some deep breaths, and actually use and experience some of these relaxation techniques.  Hopefully, they will come out of here interested in learning more, and perhaps starting a practice of relaxation that will help them manage their anxiety and stress.” No Stress Day is held once every semester, so if you missed this one, you can look forward to next semester.

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