Real Talk with King Churro: How common is common courtesy?

10.  It’s common courtesy in a public men’s restroom to use the urinal for #1 so that the stalls can be properly used for #2.  Real Talk.

9.  The law says, “Pedestrians have the right of way.”  If a driver stops to let you cross in front of them, it’s common courtesy to say “thank you” and move with a sense of urgency, quickly getting out of their way!  Real Talk.

8.  Again, the law says, “Pedestrians have the right of way.”  Don’t go speeding over the speed bump, acting like you don’t see me trying to cross!  Stop and let me cross.  One day I’ll be crazy enough to jump in front of your car and sue you for everything you’re worth.  Although if you play basketball for the school, I may not get much.  Real Talk.

7.  Here’s to all the guys reading.  If you use the bathroom, it’s common courtesy to WASH YOUR HANDS!  No one wants to catch your germs from turning the same handle you turned to exit the restroom.  Real Talk.

6.  Number six goes to the Security Department.  You purchased Segways to boost safety measures.  It’s common courtesy to use your Segways and golf carts to prevent vehicle break-ins such as near the Diesel Mechanics building and to uphold a campus, safe from any sort of criminal activity.  Doing so may spark the students’ appreciation for your service, and may dissolve the perception that all you do is issue parking citations.  Real Talk.

5.  To whomever loves tagging on campus.  I believe that it is common courtesy to either tag up something nice, like the graffiti murals in Los Angeles or just leave the pen in your backpack.  Real Talk.

4.  It’s not considered common coutesy to tip servers at restaurants, unless of course they deserve to be tipped for good service.  Stop crying and step your game up servers!  Real Talk.

3.  If you’re visiting a friend who lives in an apartment complex that has rules on guest parking, it’s common courtesy to abide by those rules.  STOP PARKING IN MY ASSIGNED PARKING SPOT!  Real Talk.

2.  For the ladies:  If a gentleman holds a door open for you, it’s common courtesy to get off of your high horse and greet the gentleman with a sincere “Thank you!”  Don’t forget to smile.  After all, we could just let that door smack you in the face because you’re too busy talking to your friend about the little hoochie dress you bought at Toda Moda.  Real Talk.

1.  I don’t care if you were in the military for however many years or you grew up in the gang life, it’s still common courtesy to watch your mouth in a classroom setting.  Not everyone is in approval of a potty-mouth.  Save it for after class with your friends.  Furthermore, although the USA is a free country paid for by the blood of many of my brothers and sisters in arms, it’s still common courtesy to NOT use, “It’s a free country” as an excuse to speak how you feel.  You have to remember, American colleges are filled with very sensitive kittens who sometimes can’t take reality for what it is.  So the next time you feel the need to make a comment in class, edit your comment in your head or keep it in there!  Real Talk.

My name is Raymond P. Bondad aka King Churro, host of The Loco Boyz radio show with my boy Gino Carpio.  If you dig what I say and where I’m coming from, please “Like” me on and thank you for supporting The Chaparral.

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