COD Live: Another One Bites The Dust

COD’s Dramatic Arts Company presents C.O.D. Live

by Roxanne Rodriguez
Staff Reporter

Sketch comedies written by Noemi Villela Dean and Tres Dean. (College of the Desert Dramatic Arts/Facebook)

College of the Desert’s Dramatic Arts Company is presenting their second annual C.O.D. Live, this one titled “Another One Bites the Dust.” The performance will make its one-night-only debut May 18 at 8 p.m. in the Pollock Theatre.

The show will consist of one-of-a kind sketch comedies written by Directors Noemi Villela Dean and Tres Dean. There will be special musical and dance numbers featuring students. The production is based around mini-plays, each one sure to be unique. Some are musicals while the others are more dance related pieces. The cast promises to deliver a great show and experience for its audience. It will be an enjoyable evening for all students before the beginning of their finals.

Before opening night however, a lot of preparations and rehearsing goes into play. The preparations are no easy task as the whole cast has to work together to bring this production to life. “[Backstage] we’re all a big group of friends, big dysfunctional group of people that loves each other, nothing is left unsaid,” cast member, Aundrea Noffsinger shared. Beyond putting on a show, theater goes as far as helping a person with their self-esteem. Aundrea shared, “Theatre is a really great place, you’re able to express yourself and not be judged. You meet people you become friends with that last years.” She continued, “When I took Theatre 2, I met an older gentlemen by the name of Murray, he was sweetest person, nice and great dancer [laughs], it made me realize that theatre brings everyone together regardless of the age. Outside of theatre [one] wouldn’t necessarily become friends with Murray.” With her bubbly, outgoing personality, Aundrea shares her love for theatre and explains how it has helped her with her confidence.

The cast consists of current COD theatre students, along with local sketch comedy veterans. Aundrea shared enthusiastically, “All the mini plays are very funny, a lot of comedy [involved], we’re going to kick butt!” Co-Director and writer Noemi Villela Dean said in a news release, “The cast members are forced to throw themselves into their characters and fully commit to their given circumstances.” Without a doubt the cast has prepared themselves to fully take on their stage alter egos. “This style of show brings out the best in the performers,” Noemi said in the news release.

Due to its content and language, the show is rated PG-13. The tickets are $5 for COD students and $7 for General Admission. All proceeds of this performance will benefit the COD Dramatic Arts Company. For tickets and further information call (760) 776-7370.

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