Local Brief: Windy weather conditions bring unwanted odor

Salton Sea odor can be smelled across Southern California and into Arizona


Recent weather conditions brought about an unsettling odor coming from the Salton Sea. (Richard Lui/ The Desert Sun)


by Breanna Harry
Staff Reporter

Over the last couple of weeks the Salton Sea has been more active than usual. The familiar rotten egg odor that has been hovering over the Coachella Valley has now spread. It has been smelled from as far away as Palmdale, California and into Yuma, Arizona.

The odor is caused from a die off of the Seas most common fish Tilapia. When the valley experiences any kind of wind storm it stirs the surface water of the Sea. This causes upwelling of the bottom sulfuric water, and then the wind blows that sulfuric odor up into the atmosphere.

Its only the beginning assures Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels, the former executive director of the Salton Sea Authority. He told the Desert Sun “if the State does not implement the Salton Sea Restoration Plan as required by the Agreement for the Use of the Colorado River and the Sea dies, this odor will be an everyday occurrence…depending upon which way the wind blows.”

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