COD football team striving to improve after back-to-back losses

The Roadrunners hope that a positive attitude and even stronger determination will help them win their next game.


by Tatiana Ramirez
Health and Sports Editor

After two back-to-back losses, the COD football team is determined to avoid some mistakes that cost them the games against Grossmont and Santa Ana.

Team chemistry is an important aspect of any sport, and lack thereof can lead to missed passes or failed blocks. Multiple interceptions in the second half of the Grossmont game led to a loss for COD.

“We have a lot of new freshman this season and we’re trying to focus on team camaraderie,” says sophomore Lyndon “Moose” Tulimasealii when asked about how the team is trying to improve. The Roadrunners need to find their team chemistry soon in order to prepare for their next game. According to Tulimaseali, practices have become more intense with a greater sense of urgency.

The team is scheduled to play against College of the Canyons, with an identical record of 0-2. Winning this game would boost the moral of the Roadrunners, as well as build some momentum to work with in preparation for the game against an undefeated Mt. SAC.

Junior and Defensive Lineman Rota Matsunaga is positive their dedication will show in their next game. “We’re working hard to improve both offense and defense because we really want that win.”

Considering a degree in business, Tulimasealii, appears to have a more realistic approach. “Everyone just has to know their roles and do their jobs; just execute during the game.”

The Roadrunners play against College of the Canyons on Sept. 15 and Mt. SAC on Sept. 29.

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