Reality Check: Trick or treaters vs candy givers

Candy, costumes, and horror! Hello again, my name is Valerie Castro and since I was a kid I have always loved and celebrated Halloween. As someone who has the biggest sweet tooth and at age 22 still trick or treats, I expect a lot from candy givers.

Candy givers, this is your reality check:

  • If I want to go to a nicer, more expensive neighborhood, and take my entire family for better candy, I will! There is no proof I do not live there.
  • Do NOT hand out candy you saved from last Halloween.
  • Having all of your lights off is not going to stop me from knocking on your door.
  • Leaving a bowl outside filled with candy? Do not expect to see it again.
  • Also, if you let me pick candy from the bowl, I am going to take as much as possible.
  • Do NOT just give me one piece of candy, I will stay on your porch until you give me more.
  • If we egg your house, it is because you never answered. It is called trick or treat after all.
  • It does not matter how old I get, I will always go where there is free candy.
  • Sure, I might take multiple masks to go to the same house a couple more times.
  • I started collecting candy with my pillow case and I will end with it.
  • If you make a haunted house in your garage, I will call more of my family to come to your house.
  • To the health nuts handing out fruit, we see it only as ammunition to be thrown at your windows.
  • Re-seeding your lawn the day before Halloween is not a great idea, we will step on it, even if there is yellow tape around it.
  • Say what you want about ladies wearing sexy costumes, they are the ones with the most candy by the end of the night.
  • Using my babies cuteness for more candy is my own decision.
  • There is a reason they call us trick or treaters, so cough up the candy, or there will be consequences.

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