Artists reception held at Marks Art Center

"Box of photons" by Richard Twedt (Danielle Kedzior/the Chaparral)

 “Photons to illuminate a  gloomy world” exhibit on display

by Danielle Kedzior
Arts and Entertainment Editor

An artist reception was held at the Marks Art Center (MAC) on Wednesday, November 7, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event featured an artistic series by Richard Twedt, “Photons to illuminate a gloomy world.” The reception also included the musical styling’s of  COD’s “Faculty Jazz Trio” and was catered by Zin American Bistro.

Richard Twedt is an accomplished artist and has over twenty years of experience in the field of art. Some of his job titles have included Public Arts Manager, Gallery Director, and Arts Educator, as well as artist.

The exhibit, will be on display at the MAC until December 6. The work on display features paintings, as well as mixed media pieces. The art on display is for sale directly by the artist.

Twedt’s work stems from the use of light as an art form. ”I was working with light, natural light, photographing it, processing it in a variety of different ways, it became an ongoing working series.” said Twedt. He has been working on the series for about twelve years.

Twedt emphasized the importance of creating pieces that are original and have a unique concept, “The personal marketplace wants a painting in 1000 different variations and I’ve never been a big believer of that…I want to make art that is really original and true to myself.”

When asked how his experience in the field of art has contributed to his artistry, he responded, “ It made me really cognizant of contemporary art and what’s out there and has been done.” His experience has enabled him to approach his work with a fresh perspective.

One thing that has influenced Twedt was the California light and space movement. The movement began in the 1960’s. This movement is influential for Twedt because this is when the artist figured out that light could be used as a medium. Astronomy is another influencing factor for Twedt.

“There is a spirituality to these pieces. Light is a metaphor for spirituality. The work is intended to be meditative. To quiet and calm you.” said Twedt. The use of light mixed with other media makes for a visual masterpiece.

To find out more about Richard Twedt or “Photons to illuminate a gloomy world” please contact the MAC at (760) 776-7278.

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