Reality check : Republicans vs Democrats

Hello, my name is Valerie Castro. When it comes to politics I would rather not get involved, but since the election has just occurred,  I would like to provide my input on a certain party. Democrats, this is your reality check:

•Just when we thought our economy could not get any worse, Obama became president again.

•A good way to scare a Democrat, have them vote without their lawyer showing them how to fill out their ballot.

•Define gross ignorance: 144 Democrats.

•The only reason you would want a Democrat in your passengers seat is to allow you to park in the handicapped section.

•Know the difference between a Democrat and a horses behind? Neither does anyone else.

•What happens when a pilgrim and Democrat have a baby? You get a tax collector who only gives thanks for what other people have.

•There isn’t much of a difference between a Democrat and a vampire besides the fact that vampires eventually stop sucking your blood.

•Sure Republicans may need Viagra, but Democrats need Aricept.

•We call them illegal aliens, Barack Obama calls them undocumented  Democrats.

•Reagan leaving office was the end of an era. Obama leaving office will be the end of an error.

•If Romney won he would donate his salary to charity. Obama wins, he donates your salary.

•You know you’re a Democrat when you cant talk about foreign policy without using the word “conspiracy”.

•If you chose Birkenstock over Merck stock , you’r a Democrat.

•Let it go, President Carter will never be on Mount Rushmore.

•Illegal immigrants have jobs because of us!

•I have a brain, therefore I am not a Democrat.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or neither, we are all a part of the same country. There will always be disagreements and people who are upset about who is President. The sooner you get over it, the sooner you can move on with your life. Those who are too upset, move to another country. United we stand, I think!

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