Soccer finishes up the season

 While Women’s soccer struggled during the season, Men’s soccer finished with solid standings

by Bryanna Czarny
Student Contributor

With an overall record of 8-7-2, the COD Roadrunners have significantly improved their record compared to those of previous teams.

“In a nutshell, we had a really good season. The attitude of players was great and I believe we have built an astounding foundation for next year. Twenty three of the twenty six players were freshman, which is an excellent outlook for next season,”
said Coach Jose Pipo. It was an impressive season for the boys team considering most of them are new to the team and their record is proof. The Roadrunners had fourteen different players score a large number of goals which is rare in the game of soccer.

“Now that I have experienced being on the team, I want to try my hardest for next season,” said Luis Victorio. He plans to return for a his second season next fall.

“Personally, I think I could’ve done better, however, next year I will strive harder considering I will be transferring soon. We had the right material, but unfortunately we had bad luck,” commented Saul Mejia. His other teammate also provided insight on the team. “I believe that this is the best the soccer team has ever been. We may not be the best team compared to all the other teams, but we have immensely improved,” explained Junior Villa.

Alberto Villa also had a total of 13 goals this season, easily awarding him with the most goals out of everyone this 2012 soccer year. To give thanks and appreciation to last season players, Coach Pipo heartily stated, “Christopher Salinas and Alexis Mendez were my star defenders and I will miss them dearly. Their attitudes were excellent and they represented COD well. They are respectful, hard workers, and good students. They were a great value to us and we are sad that they are leaving, but I only expect success for their futures.”

The girls team finished off their 2012 soccer season with an overall record of 1-14-1. The Lady Roadrunners did not have the best season game-wise; however, the team’s fans never ceased their encouragement and the players continually played with determination.

“They truly are encouraging because even though we weren’t winning, they stuck with it,” said Pipo.

The Roadrunners faced injuries throughout the season from several key players, which evidently led them to their downfall. A total of five concussions and other multiple injuries were major factors for not having as rewarding a season as they would have liked.

“They kept a positive attitude, came to practice, and worked hard. They tried their hardest at games even though they were at a disadvantage.” Coach Pipo thanked his team for a hard-working season and also gave his thanks to Assistant Coach AJ Neverdall. “I couldn’t have done it without you AJ!” said Coach Pipo. AJ was congratulated for her dedication and for teaching the girls to never stop trying if the sport is what they loved.

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