Football finishes season with a much-needed win

Demetrius Hall-Mclean, red jersey on left, runs toward the end-zone during the COD vs. Long Beach game (Tatiana Ramirez/The Chaparral)

by Tatiana Ramirez
Health and Sports Editor

On November 10, the Roadrunners finished out their season with an outstanding 44-6 win against Long Beach Community College.

The team lost 8 games this season, two of which were forfeited because a player, whose name has not been disclosed, lied about his eligibility to participate this season. The Desert Sun reported that the player “misrepresented his collegiate academic and athletic record on an official form.”

In spite of this, the team remained determined to win the last game of the season and audience members could see that from the team’s relentless offense and defense. This game also saw the return of running back Nephi Garcia, who missed 4 games due to an injured left arm.

“We really just wanted to finish strong, we’ve worked so hard and we wanted something to show for it,” said Lyndon Tulimasealii.

The game began with quarterback Joshua Cecena making a touchdown and Vanzell Richardson scored with a 50-yard punt. Running back Jatnyel Gutierrez also made a 5-yard run, making the score 13-0 in the first quarter. A 1-yard run by Garcia and a pass from Cecena resulted in a 30-yard score by Richardson and put the Roadrunners at 27-0 at halftime.

The Cecena and Richardson duo seemed to be a solid match when Richardson scored yet another 30-yard touchdown following halftime. The Roadrunners’ momentum continued to build as Anthony Wood scored a 22-yard field goal. In the fourth quarter, Demetrius Hall-Mclean made a 44-yard run to a wide open end zone.

“I just saw the opportunity and took it, I ran as fast as I could,” said Hall-Mclean, who prefers to be called “Meech.”

Long Beach, however, was determined to leave with a score on the board, and snuck in a quick 15-yard touchdown by Darius Pyles towards the end of the fourth quarter. The Roadrunners took home the win with a score of 44-6, ending the season with an 2-8 record.


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