‘Meet n Greet’ at PaCE’s wine-tasting party

College of the Desert’s PaCE program held a special wine class on November 16

by Michael Gonzalez
Production Manager

The Partnership and Community Education (PaCE) club held a wine-tasting party at the Westfield Shopping Center in Palm Desert. The event took place between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday, November 16.

With an RSVP, the event was $10, and $15 for those buying at the door. All proceeds will help fund a scholarship that PaCE will make available for students who qualify. Although the program is not technically a part of the campus, it is still a recognized club at College of the Desert (COD).

“We create classes for business purposes in the job community,” said Lorraine Dischinger, director of the PaCE program. Planning for the event, and finalizing the dates with special guests, goes back to September.

Mark De Vincenzi, a professional wine connoisseur, taught the guests what wine is all about. In order to emphasize a wine’s aroma and overall taste, Vincenzi explained that choosing the right wine glass is crucial. He has been a wine-lover ever since his family introduced wine to him as a child.

“A lot of great opportunities are out there in the wine business and the people should be aware of it,” said Vincenzi. Some popular careers in the wine industry include wine making, wine consulting, and viticulture.

PaCE helps students in the community learn about the different careers in today’s business world. PaCE provides classes that touch on various topics such as health, security, and more.

Some of the guests that visited the event were faculty and administration staff of COD, including Carol Giannini, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) instructor, and John Jaramillo, the Dean of COD. President of the college, Joel Kinnamon, appeared as a special guest to speak for PaCE and how important the program is.

“PaCE has always been a significant part of the community college,” said Kinnamon. “And we need to expand the job growth for the economy here in the desert.”

“I wish more people would know about our program and classes,” said Deborah Ramirez, a part-time member, who also helped organized PaCE’s special event. She is taking one of the medical technician classes in the program to help build her job skills and gain knowledge from it.

There was also a small award ceremony in which Dischinger and Jaramillo presented Giannini as “Instructor of the Year.” They praised all the hard work she has given to the college by teaching EMT classes and directing the PaCE program.

Dischinger was pleased with the results of the wine party event and was happy to get the word out about the program.

The PaCE center is located under the mall’s food court behind the escalator’s case.

The event was an overall success and helped promote the program. If anyone is interested in taking a course, call their office number (760) 862-1367.

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