Facebook use simplifies life for college students

Facebook use for college students
The use of social media can go beyond entertainment

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Student worker sending a Facebook message to classmate (Louis Lopez/The Chaparral)


by, Louis Lopez
Opinion Editor

It is almost impossible to be a college student and not have a Facebook account. We live in the information age, and our friends, and the media put pressure on us to have a social network life. Although most college students use Facebook to talk to friends; know where they eat; who they hang out with; know what they did during the weekend; watch funny videos, the uses of social networking could go beyond that.

In social media, information is processed very quickly, and as students we should use that information to our benefit. I remember my first day of class this semester; the instructor gave us a classmate, and an introductory speech assignment. Class was over before I got to interview my partner. I wrote down his Facebook name and sent him my questions. Three hours later I was working on my speech. This is an example of one of many ways we can link our social network life to college.

We might all agree that Facebook is an entertainment platform, but when you have the chance to be entertained and do something productive at the same time its a win-win situation. Every semester a lot of students find books for less than half the price they would pay for new ones while browsing Facebook. Students post books they are selling for a low price.

Add two or three people from each class to Facebook. You missed a class?  Send them a Facebook message; they will most likely send you what you missed in class using a social network.  It is simply more fun than texting.

Have some COD pages on your social media page. Go there every now and then; you will be informed of things going on around campus while you are in contact with your friends. Social media is still very young, so maybe your kids will be doing homework on Facebook by the time they are in college.

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