COD issues “My COD Card” for students in June 2013

by, Paul Grant

Staff Reporter

COD will be distributing the all-new COD identification card called “My COD Card” with exciting features for students this spring.

The “My COD Card” is not just a student ID card, but also a faster, alternative method for receiving your financial aid and school refunds.

Starting in June 2013, COD will be partnering with Higher One, a financial services company whose main purpose is to focus on education, to help issue the new “My COD Card” and provide a bank account for students.

These features include OneAccount, a FDIC Insured student bank account that has same day deposit, no monthly fee, and is a no minimum balance checking account. Higher One will transfer any funds belonging to the student from COD to a  student’s personal OneAccount. Students will receive their funds the same day they’re released by Higher One. Upon receiving funds, students will have the option of transferring funds to another account or having a paper check mailed to their primary address.

Some colleges or universities such as, University of California Los Angeles or UCLA, has student ID cards which can be used on campus at the bookstore or cafeteria and at participating businesses in the surrounding area. Despite the fact that the My COD Card does not come with this incentive, students who open a Higher One checking account have the option of upgrading their “My COD Card” to a debit card, but not a credit card.

The My Cod Card will be mailed to your current address on file with the college so it crucial that you verify your mailing address by visiting the bursar’s office inside the Cravens Student Services Center.

Be sure to activate your card as soon as you receive it in the mail. Thus, you won’t miss out on any refunds in the future.

Please visit for more information regarding benefits of the My Cod Card.

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