Indoor Go Karting in the Desert



The track at Xceleration Indoor Racing. Designed by David Jimenez, the track has a wide variety of corners        (Jonathan Moreno/The Chaparral)
The track at Xceleration Indoor Racing. Designed by David Jimenez, the track has a wide variety of corners
(Jonathan Moreno/The Chaparral)

by, Jonathan Moreno
Local Editor 

Xceleration Indoor Kart Racing (X.I.K.) opened their doors on April 5, 2013. After months of delay, the facility is now in full use. X.I.K. is the first indoor go kart track in the valley. Located in Cathedral City at 35780 Date Palm Drive in the former Sam Club’s building. The facility is 50,000 square feet and features top of line technology.

X.I.K. is the brainchild of Clinton White, Troy Strange and Kevin Andrews. Longtime buddies, they grew up in the valley and were interested in opening their own business. The Director of Marketing Kevin Andrews left the valley for a brief period and returned around 2004-2005. Andrews,  a big racing fan says that he was researching one day about indoor racing, then decided to google it and what resulted was an indoor go kart racing track of his own.

The business venture “wasn’t easy,” it was a long process from concept to the opening, begining in 2005, and along the way the three businessmen faced many obstacles. They looked for the right building to house the go kart track, but they could not find any. They also faced the economic recession of 2008 which affected many businesses, but that also helped them find the building. “As the economy disappeared, the building appeared.” The Sam’s Club closed down and it was bought by the three men.

It is currently a soft opening, but once X.I.K. posted on Facebook about their opening they quickly received 1,000 likes. Kevin D. Andrews, the Director of Marketing, says that social media has had a significant impact on the launch. The grand opening is expected to be on the third week of May. The grand opening will include the local media from television and radio, there will also be a bike show out in the parking lot.

The kart’s are new, state of the art with the capacity of reaching 55 mph. The “Storm” kart is the latest and greatest, as Andrews says X.I.K. is the only place in Southern California to be running these karts. The “Storm” is  Italian made and FIA approved, the FIA  is the governing body of motor sport .The track is based on the professional road racing organization method. All the karts are electric which is safer and cleaner then gas powered karts. Andrews says, that there are 5 different track configurations, including reversed track which is a total of 10 tracks.  All these track layouts will have a variety of turns all in different angles that will test your racing skills.

X.I.K. is looking to be more than just a go kart place. They are looking to get more involved with youth, by starting a youth racing program. The youth racing program will be a three tier system, teaching racing, marketing and technology to those enrolled. The racing aspect of the program will sharpen driving skills, marketing will prepare kids for the sport business and technology will give them insight into how things work in a car and the function of certain components in a racing car. X.I.K. is looking to start a racing farm and develop juniors who want to make a career out of racing. “Karting is the purest form of racing, every Formula 1 racer starts karting at a young age.”

The first thing to expect when going  to race is having to pay for an annual license. After purchasing the license you will be able to race. X.I.K. is open on Sunday throughThursday at 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. X.I.K. is gearing up to be a hit in the valley.

Other than karting, X.I.K. also has a game room which includes arcade machines and billiard tables. There are two conference rooms, a 1000 square foot room named Indy and a 500 square foot room  named after the short track of Monaco. Visit X.I.K. to experience fun racing action.


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