Local News Talk Radio Station Offers Life-Changing Financial Advice

Local News Talk Radio Station Offers Life-Changing Financial Advice

By Paul Grant
Staff Reporter

The nationally syndicated radio program, The Dave Ramsey Show, focuses on life, love, and relationships, and how they happen to revolve around money.

Syndicated financial talker Dave Ramsey teaches you to manage and budget your money, get out of debt, build wealth, and live in financial peace on 94.3 FM KNews Radio.

Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management expert, radio personality, and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace and More Than Enough. Ramsey himself has lived a true rags-to-riches story and is devoted to sharing his experience for those in need of financial advice.

By age 26, garnering a net worth over a million dollars and establishing a four million dollar real estate, little to know he had accumulated some short-term debt causing big problems for his family. At the age of 30, he lost everything.

As the next chapter of his life was already starting, Dave was already seeking the truth about how money really works and how to control it. Ramsey would read books continuously and interview affluent individuals to help manage his own character.

“That quest led me to a really, really uncomfortable place: my mirror. I came to realize that my money problems, worries and shortages largely began and ended with the person in my mirror.” said Ramsey.

Shortly after, Dave went back to real estate to help climb his way out of debt and quickly finding the next chapter of his life – helping others on their financial troubles and distress to which he now devotes himself full time.

In 1992, Dave formed the Lampo Group to help support the hurting and provide guidance to the financially uncertain. He began writing his first book, Financial Peace, sharing his learning’s and began selling it out his own car.

Following that came a local radio call-in show started by him and his friend called “The Money Game”, now it is nationally syndicated as “The Dave Ramsey Show” on 500 radio stations.

With 6 million weekly listeners, “Dave Ramsey has influenced countless Americans through his sound financial advice and inspirational messages,” said NAB EVP/Radio John David.

Ramsey created Financial Peace University (FPU), a 13-week program helping people discard their debt, build control of their money and incorporate commitment and accountability with their finances.

The Lampo Group, now consists with more than 300 team members, offering a variety of tools, books, live events, and classes to help listeners stay debt free by creating a budget, starting a savings account, and give insight on how to invest properly for the future.

The number of lives changed is what counts according to their mission statement.

“The Lampo Group, Inc. is providing biblically based, common-sense education and empowerment which gives HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed.”

You can listen to the Dave Ramsey Show on KNews 94.3 FM weekdays 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and also Sundays 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Dave resides with his wife, Sharon, and their three children in Nashville, Tennessee.

For more information, http://www.daveramsey.com/

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