Apple unveils two new iPhones

Will the new features be enough for you to buy one?



By Jonathan Moreno

Co-Editor in Chief

On September 10 Apple announced two new iPhones. The event in Cupertino, California ended much speculation of the new products.

As with every new iPhone, people can expect the usual upgrade to software and new features. Most notably on the company’s flagship mode the iPhone 5S, a fingerprint sensor named Touch ID is an enhancement to securing your phone.

There is no need to type in a password with Touch ID. For those who do not like entering their password on iTunes, the fingerprint is much simpler.

The second phone Apple will be releasing is the iPhone 5C. The 5C is cheaper than the 5S and less powerful. Though both phones have the same retina display, both have the same screen size and the same standby battery life at 250 hours, but there are some differences.

Most notably the 5S will be using the A7 processor. It is said that the A7 processor is two times faster than the A6 processor. This marks the first time that Apple has decided to offer different colors for their phones. The most colorful phone being the 5C. It boasts 5 different colors, green, white, blue, pink and yellow. As for the 5S there will be 3 colors available, gold, silver, and space grey.

The 5S camera has improved over it’s predecessor.  The cameras f-number is now f/2.2 which means it will perform well in low-light. There is auto image stabilization, burst mode and it shoots videos in 720p.

Consumers can expect the 5C as having the same specs as the iPhone 5. The price for the 5C will ranage from a 16GB model at $99 and a 32GB model at $199 with a contract. As for the 5S there will be three models. A 16GB model priced at $199, a 32GB model priced at $299 and a 64GB model for $399 with a contract.

Apple also announced in the conference a new mobile operating system. iOS 7 will be the operating system for the new iPhones and for those with older models expect to be able to download it on September 18.

With the new lineup being announced there are some who do not seem impressed with Apple’s new devices.

When asking a College of the Desert student, John Ngo, if he will be buying one of the new iPhones, he says, ” No I will not be buying one of the new iPhones. It just doesn’t have major differences from the older ones that would make me want to buy the new iPhones.”

The new lineup may not entice a number of people, but for those who are looking into purchasing one, expect it to be released on September 20.

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