Inception of Calculus Club on campus

Students organize a place for math and science

Calculus club


By Avery Wood

Health & Science Editor

A new club, the calculus club, will appear on campus, focusing on physical science and mathematics majors.

Previously, there was only a biology club, but life sciences and physical sciences are quite different and have very different academic requirements so many people feel that it warrants a new club. All mathematics, science, and engineering majors can always go to the MESA center, but MESA is more academically driven.

The founder, Addican Hatch, said “I feel that there should be a separate club specifically for people who need advanced mathematics, so that we can focus on their needs specifically. Right now, the only place they can go for help is the MESA center, but MESA’s attentions are divided because they focus on so many different majors.”

The purpose of the new club will be that students interested in the physical sciences or advanced mathematics will have a place to congregate, possibly discuss assignments, form study groups, or just mingle with like-minded people.

“ I think it would be interesting to exhibit math in a non-academic setting, through games like math relay races or scavenger hunts, “ Hatch explains.

Professor Jorge Perez, who will be the advisor and is already involved in both the Secular Student Alliance and MESA, already has some ideas for activities. “It will be a great opportunity to expose people to other aspects of mathematics. One thing that I would like to do is reach out to the community, like a math field-day for high school or middle school students.”

The activities that they are considering are mini-lectures, similar to the ones given by MESA, involving topics like topology, complex analysis, non-Euclidean geometry, and the history of mathematics.

“I’d like to show people some strange and exciting things that they’ve never seen before because I think a lot of high school and middle school students consider math boring, but we’ll show them that math has real-world applications and cool things they never would have expected.” said Hatch.

If the club is chartered in time, you will find its booth at Club Rush, September 17 and 18. For more information about the Calculus Club visit the MESA center in MSTC 146.

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