Mecca/Thermal campus in need of more classes

Mecca Campus


By Luis Medina

Campus Life Editor

The dreams of many students at College of the Desert (COD) are being delayed. The need of more classes affects a lot of student in their education.

The 2013 fall semester is getting started and many students are concerned because there are not many classes being offer at the various COD campuses.

Also many of the courses are being reduced by the college. Students who attend the Mecca/Thermal campus say that they are worried because the college does not offer other courses.

At the Mecca/Thermal campus the classes that are being offered are the basic classes students need. Each semester English, Reading and Math classes are offered. Students are having problems because they have to coordinate their schedules.  The students that attend the Mecca/Thermal campus have to go to the Indio campus or to the Palm Desert campus to take other courses.

Bryan Trujillo a COD student said that one semester he had to drop a class “I was taking one class in the Mecca/Thermal campus and had 10 minutes to get to Palm Desert campus. For that reason I had to drop one class because I had a short time to make the other class.”  Bryan said he will have to take the course next semester. There are other students like Bryan that have experienced the same problem.

Maria Torres and  Ana Vallejo who live in Mecca have trouble in college because there are not a lot of classes offered at the Mecca/Thermal campus. Torres a second year student, has only taken classes in the Mecca/Thermal campus. Torres said “it affects me financially because I have to drive all the way to the main campus or Indio for my classes and gas is really expensive and  most of the courses get full and there are few options”.

While Ana Vallejo who also is a second year student, decided to take classes only at the Palm Desert campus so she does not have to be driving around.

Torres as well as Vallejo said that there are other students who also are affected by not having more classes.  Torres said “if there were more classes it would be easier and less stressful to know there would be more classes offered and that I won’t be retained more years at COD”.

Students who attend the Mecca/Thermal campus would like have more classes other that the basics classes they offer.

Vallejo said “I would like to have more high levels of math, science, government, physics and more”. As well as Torres said “I would like more classes beside English and Math, for example, early childhood education, art and business”.

Some of the students who attend Mecca/Thermal campus said that maybe in the future there will be more classes. Torres said “I hope that in the future there could be more classes, but I think it would take a few years before that could happen.”

“It would be great to have more classes offered in Mecca/Thermal campus and support students by giving us more options and to give us the proper tools to be successful”.

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