Pres. Obama makes his decision on Syria

After a week of deciding to strike Syria, President Obama decides to wait for international diplomacy on controlling Syria’s chemical weapons



By Jonathan Moreno


Tensions are mounting as the U.S. plans a military strike on Syria. The Syrian government is suspected of using chemical weapons in Damascus on August 21.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly denied the use of chemicals while  the Obama administration is convinced that there was use of chemicals.

Secretary of State John Kerry, addressed the issue. The chemical used in Damascus is suspected to be Sarin. The nerve agent can slow a person’s heart rate, tighten the chest and creates weakness.

John Kerry traveled to Europe on September 6 to gain support for an attack on Syrian targets.

One of the United States’ closest allies, Great Britain has voted not to intervene. British Prime Minister David Cameron’s military plan was voted down in the House of Commons. Kerry and France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, spoke on taking action against Syria and called for more countries to support.

Networks have aired graphic footage of those who were exposed to the Sarin. The footage shows men, women and children having difficulty breathing and suffering from convulsions. Syria has strong allies on their side, with Russia and Iran. Russian President Vladimir Putin, has denied that the Syrians used chemical weapons on their people. On August 31, President Obama delivered a statement on Syria. He said, “I was elected to end wars, not start them.”

The President exclaimed that the United States will be taking military action and has positioned forces in the region.  Adding, “This attack is an assault on human dignity”. “The international community’s credibility is on the line, and America and Congress’ credibility is on the line.” The Obama administration have stated that an attack on Syria will be limited and targeted.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, has denied that the Syrians used chemical weapons on their people, calling it “utter nonsense.”

Assad has placed blame on the rebels for the attack. The White House is trying to convince lawmakers to hold Assad responsible.

Meanwhile, Obama is trying to gain support for military action against Syria. Obama spoke at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg Russia on September 6. President Obama has called for the international community to denounce the Syrian government’s actions.

On September 10, President Obama held a televised address to explain his stance on Syria. In his address Obama mentioned the horrors the Syrian people have faced under the Assad regime. Over 100,000 have been killed under the Syrian president’s rule. Obama brought up both sides of the argument when it came to intervening in the country of Syria .

“We cannot resolve someone else’s civil war through force.”He said that the chemical attack was a “crime against humanity, and a violation of the laws of war.”He also stated the facts of the attack are clearly evident saying “the facts cannot be denied.” The administration knows leading up to the attack Syrian personnel prepared the Sarin gas. Key figures in the regime reviewed the result of the attacks and continued the attack.

On September 12, Syrian President Bashar Assad announced publicly his plan to surrender the controversial chemical weapons and to initiate steps to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, which outlaws the production and use of such weapons. He said, “We fully support Russia’s initiative concerning chemical weapons in Syria, and we are ready to cooperate. As a part of the plan, we intend to join the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

Despite previous threats, Assad said “the U.S. threats hadn’t influenced” his government’s decision. In fact, Russia was key in the decision. The United Nations has confirmed recieving documents to further the application.

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