Apple introduces new lineup of tablets

By Jonathan Moreno

                On October 22, 2013 Apple unveiled their new line of iPads. Apple announced the iPad Air which weighs in at one – pound. The iPad Air is 9.7in, it is .3 in thick, has a retina display and is equipped with an A7 processor. The iPad Air will be twice as fast as previous iPads and the battery life will be around 10 hours. Apple is calling it the lightest full-sized tablet on the market.  

                A new version of the iPad Mini was announced, the screen size remains the same at 7.9in but it will have a retina display and also has the A7 chip. The improved display is a plus as there were many in the technology community who felt the first iPad mini had a poor display. A 16GB iPad Mini will be priced at $399.

                The MacBook Pro was also presented at the event in Cupertino, California. Like the iPad Air the MacBook Pro will also have a retina display.

                A new operating system was also announced at the event. Maverick, the new version of the Mac operating system is free to those who have any version of OS X released since 2009.

                 Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, says more than 170 million iPads have been sold. The Cupertino based company has had to deal with competition in the tablet market. Cook says, “Everyone seems to be making a tablet, even some of the doubters. But regardless of what you might hear or read about how many are bought or sold or activated, iPad is used a lot more.”

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