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By Teresa Garcia

Features Editor

KCOD, the radio station here on campus, and one of the most sought after classes in the TV/Radio Production department, is in it’s fifth semester as the first terrestrial radio station here on campus.  From Funk to Indie to Sports, live shows and pre-recorded music, KCOD is broadcasting 24/7 from their new studio located on the Palm Desert campus.

KCOD was founded by the TV/Radio announcing class and Student Journalist Society in the Spring of 2011.  Originally located in the Diesel Mechanic Building, this past year they moved into a new studio on the 2nd floor of the new MSTC building; complete with new equipment such as mics, swing arms, an Apple Macbook, and other items kindly donated by the foundation.  KCOD operates as a part of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), here on campus.

Jim Eisenacher is the new station manager. Former station manager Shauna Holmes stepped down this past May.  When Eisenacher was in RTV-002, the announcing course, then station manager, Shauna Holmes came to talk to the class about wanting to add a sports show to the KCOD lineup.  “It was a perfect storm, really,” adds Eisenacher, who returned to school in hopes of going into broadcasting.

Hosting your own show on KCOD is not difficult, in fact the only requirement for hosting a KCOD show is to take RTV-002 and to “bring your A-game.”  The daily duties go as such:  Each DJ is required to have their playlists and show outlines to the program director at least an hour before their show. The DJ must also add pre-recorded material  such as commercials or promotional live reads as a part of their playlist, and lastly the DJs are in charge of “policing” their guests. The DJ’s are almost entirely in control of their show, but at the same time they are responsible for what goes on air.

The interest in Radio/Television production is not slowing down here at COD; the station has almost outgrown the MSTC building space they currently occupy.  Production and announcing classes this semester are filled, which means over a hundred students are in the station weekly, either doing assignments or learning the flow of production in the station.  Every one in the Radio department agrees: The need for expansion is imminent to accommodate the growing number of students interested in Radio/TV production.

“KCOD offers a unique opportunity to anyone on campus to have your voice heard over streaming radio.  If you are in a band, we will play your music.  If you are a poet, we could have you on to read some things, if you want to talk about how bad the cowboys are, well you get the point,”  adds Eisenacher.

One of the most notable things that has happened to KCOD within the past year has been the nomination of former KCOD DJ, Mike Mozingo, for three IBS awards. Mozingo went on to win first place for best speciality show as well as coming in second in two other categories.  Five KCOD staff members were flown to New York City, where the conference took place. “It was a really amazing experience, one that I hope will be a KCOD tradition for many years to come,”  says Eisenacher.

You can listen to the sounds of  College of the Desert on 100.1 FM or online at or even on iTunes Radio under Colleges/University (and select KCOD)

Don’t forget to hang out and catch KCOD at the Hood Bar in Palm Desert, hosting Open Mic every Wednesday night and at Buffalo Wild Wings every Thrusday live broadcasting Thursday night football games.  You can also follow KCOD on their Facebook page at




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