Pokemon X and Y

By Avery Wood

Health & Science Editor

The newest Pokemon games, Pokemon X and Y, were released on October 12. They were highly anticipated for months before their release because of the many changes that have been made to the game play and console.

This is the first Pokemon game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, a console with 3D graphics. The entire game is able to be played in 3D. There have also been changes in the graphics of the game; instead of the traditional ‘sprites,’ there are fully developed Pokemon and you can customize your player.

New Pokemon being introduced are the starters, Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, in the respectively classic types, grass, fire, and water. The legendary pokemon are Xerneas, a fairy type, and Yveltal, which is a dark/flying type.

Changes to the game combat include new ‘mega-evolutions’ where a Pokemon is temporarily evolved using a special item. ‘Sky battles’ have also been introduced. As the name suggests, they are played in the sky by flying pokemon.There are also new methods of evolving pokemon, such as holding the console upside down or taking your pokemon to the rain.

Like other games, there are mini games that improve a pokemon’s attack and defense points. In this game, you can use the touch screen to interact with your pokemon and for the first time, players get experience for catching Pokemon, when previously, the new Pokemon was the only reward.

While there was already a fairy egg type, the new fairy type pokemon was newly introduced in this game. The first fairy pokemon revealed was Sylveon, an evolution of Eevee. It was then announced that many pokemon from previous generations would become a fairy type, such as Marill and Clefairy, in addition to the many new Pokemon, fairy type and other, in the game.

Players can now purchase space in ‘the cloud’ online storage and keep up to 3000 pokemon there.

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