Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights debuts El Cucuy maze


by Paola Fernandez

Copy Editor

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) debuted a new maze this 2013 fall season, El Cucuy: The Boogeyman.

El Cucuy will be taking the place of the previous Mexican legend themed maze, La Llorona, which was featured for two years at Hollywood HHN.

Actor Danny Trejo (Machete Kills) joined Universal Studios as a creative consultant in the making of this maze. Trejo’s voice can also be heard narrating the story of El Cucuy as visitors walk through the maze. “Maybe there’s a good reason to be afraid of the dark, a shadow that becomes whatever you fear,” says Trejo, as he narrates the trailer for the new maze.

El Cucuy is a mythical creature and the subject of a legend told for generations to children in the Latin culture in order to scare them into not misbehaving. The children are told that if they misbehave, the monster of El Cucuy will come get them at night and take them to his lair. In several interviews, Trejo stated that he grew up being told the legend of El Cucuy and he also told it to his children.

Universal Studios HHN started on September 20, and will go on until November 2. Some other mazes featured this year include: The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven, Evil Dead: Book of the Dead, Insidious: Into the Further, Black Sabbath: 13-3D, and the Terror Tram: Invaded by The Walking Dead. Tickets can be purchased online and prices vary according to dates.

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