Spring screams outdoors and hiking trails

Photo Courtesy of Linda Jeffers
Photo Courtesy of Linda Jeffers

By Czarina Greaney
Features Editor 

For those who enjoy the outdoors and exploring new sites, Palm Desert is home to many hiking trails; and in this current 80 degree weather there are no excuses for not joining the adventures.

College of the Desert (COD) student Susie Hill is just one of many who enjoy the hiking trails in Palm Desert. “I love to get my mind off of school sometimes” says Hill. “hiking releases my stress and puts me in a good mood.”

The Bump and Grind trail is 1.5 miles and four minutes away from the campus. The trail is located on Painter’s Path, behind the Target shopping center. COD student Kathy Ayala says, “The Bump and Grind trail has a great view, and I don’t have to drive far to get my hike on.”

The Bump and Grind trail is about four miles long and its beginning elevation is 250 feet. The max elevation is 1265 feet.

The Hopalong Cassidy trail is a another  four-mile trail up Highway 74 about seven minutes from COD. The trail’s elevation starts from 490 feet and goes to 1,030 feet.

The Road Runner Trail on Monterrey Avenue is 3.5 miles long and has great scenery. It is about four minutes away from COD. Alisha Terrell, a student at COD says, “It’s fun and nice to get out and see different things. It’s so serene.”

Another well known trail is the Randall Henderson Trail. This trail is 2.5 miles long and begins at 1,000 feet going to an elevation of 1,425 feet. The Randall Henderson trail is located off of Highway 74 in Palm Desert.

Try these trails before school or after school for a nice enjoyable work out to begin or end your day.

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