The College of the Desert fountain

The College of the Desert fountain, found adjacent to the old student center (Lenin Silva/THe Chaparral)
The College of the Desert fountain, found adjacent to the old student center (Lenin Silva/The Chaparral)

By Belen Higuera
Student Contributor

The iconic COD water fountain in front of the HILB building has been here since October 12th 1984. The fountain is called the “International Fountain of Knowledge” it was dedicated to Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. for being a concerned American, loyal to his Mexican heritage, and a benefactor of College of the Desert.  It is a staple of COD and everyone who has been a student of has visited the campus recognizes this wonderful fountain.

After years of environmental and chemical abuse, the fountain is not looking as glorious as it did in its youth.  It is noticeable that the fountain water at times smells and is green with algae.  “The fountain sometimes smells worse than the Salton Sea” said Melissa Gomez, a third semester student at COD.  With all the construction going around on campus many are wondering if the fountain will be demolished and replaced with something else or if it will just be restored.  “I really hope that the fountain is just fixed and not demolished, it would be a shame to see it gone, if it was cleaner that spot would be a great place to just sit down and read or relax” stated Hector Munoz, a second semester student.

A couple of weeks ago the fountain was being drained and as students passed by some were excited to see the green water go while others were worried that the fountain might be gone.  Guadalupe, a COD staff member said “I hope they are just cleaning the water and cleaning the base of the fountain, I really enjoy seeing it when I take a walk through campus”.  After a couple of days we found out that the fountain was only being cleaned and refilled with clean water.  Now as you pass by the fountain the water is cleaner and is free of smells.

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