Campus Parking Passes: The Inconvenient Nightmare

By Gene Pietregallo
Student Contributor

At this point in the semester, we should all be well aware of the parking regulations here at the COD Palm Desert campus, but are some of these regulations really fair for students who cannot afford a parking pass or have had to deal with malfunctioning machines?

Earlier today, I watched a massive line of people, about twenty feet long, force their way toward a parking pass dispenser on the north side of campus. Each person slowly moved their way up; ready to pay another dollar so they could park for an hours worth of class. To my surprise however, once I joined in line everybody started to disperse because the machine was malfunctioning and not accepting any form of currency.

Whether it be Yen, Pesos, or U.S. dollars and coins, this machine was completely disregarding all willing students money and leaving them concerned about getting a parking ticket.  A significant number of us have already gotten one stuck in our windshield wipers at some point this semester.  After giving up on a parking pass, I drove down to the Mall and walked to class to avoid another parking ticket. “I’ve already gotten two parking tickets this year because the machines wouldn’t dispense a ticket” said an anonymous student.

While this may sound a bit dramatic to most people with COD parking passes, there are an incredible number of students who have priorities other than worrying about parking tickets at school and simply cannot afford the cost of new passes each semester. Not a single person on campus has made statements about this issue, but the students in line with me today agreed that maybe it’s time somebody actually takes the initiative to bring this to security’s attention and try to fix these issues once and for all to make the parking regulations fair to all students.

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