Is social media affecting your job opportunities?

By Tina Munoz
Opinion Editor

A recent survey released by Jobvite, a company that provides applicant tracking software, shows that 92 percent of employers are using or planning to use social networks for recruiting this year. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Instagram allow employers to get a peek into what kind of person you are outside of your resume. Even if you don’t provide a recruiter with your social network profiles, 73 percent of recruiters will look into them anyway.

Lee Hecht Harrison, a career transition and talent development consulting firm, asked hundreds of job seekers via an online poll, “How active are you on social networking sites?” 48 percent said that they are very active on a daily basis, while 19 percent said they log on about two or three times per week. Another 22 percent said they use social networking sites one to three times per month, or less. Only 11 percent of job seekers said they never use social networking websites.

David Chen, one of the world’s foremost expert on creating an effective online presence estimates that thousands of professionals prevent themselves from receiving future job opportunities and promotion possibilities due to the following mistakes.

Unbalanced online content; even if you’re not posting overtly embarrassing photos online, you can still harm your career if you’re perceived as “partying” more than working.

Ill-timed online activity; because most online content is time-stamped, your current or future employer can easily determine if you’re regularly posting online content during work hours.

Reusing personal photos for work; using Google Images, an employer can easily upload your LinkedIn headshot and see all other personal accounts and websites where you’ve also used that photo.

Poor online first impression; because most employers now google job candidates, if the first few search results for your name aren’t the most flattering, you’ve got to create new content (such as a personal branded website) to replace those results., by David Chen, is a company that allows anyone to set up a mobile optimized website in minutes, allowing you to own a one-pager for your business, project, or personal branding to replace your poor online first impression.


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