Construction planned on Monterrey Avenue

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By Joshua Cotteen
Student Contributor

If you are heading to College of the Desert on Monterey Ave., keep in mind that there is construction going on. Mark Greenwood, Palm Desert’s Public Works Director, told the Desert Sun that it hasn’t caused any major traffic disruptions and that it probably will not until it gets close the end of the work, which is scheduled for December. This is good for those people trying to get to where their destinations. However, it is good to know and plan a little for any possible delays.

Mr. Greenwood told the Desert Sun, “When we start to shift the Interstate 10 on-ramp over to the right side, that’s when people will really start to notice a difference. The Interstate will look much like the one at Cook Street, with the East and Westbound ramps both on the right side, meaning all freeway-bound drivers will need to make a right to get there.” Also, “Next week all lanes of the highway will have intermittent closures between 6a.m. and 6p.m., and left turns will not be allowed from either direction onto Dillon Road. This job’s completion is targeted for early June.”

It will keep things simple, if you want to get onto the freeway going either West or East, get into the right lane and you will be ready to get on. However, during the time of construction, it is a good idea to plan for possible delays and leave for school a little earlier, just to make sure.

More areas to keep in mind, according to Palm Desert spokesman David Hermann’s interview with the Desert Sun, “The City will have some additional work going on, with the resurfacing of Highway 74 between El Paseo and Grapevine Street and several streets to the East, along with more around Hovley Lane and Cook Street. This will be done from July through September.” Another area, according to Mr. Hermann, is “Frank Sinatra Drive also will be resurfaced between July and August . . . Rancho Mirage is already working on the street islands elsewhere within its borders, with work expected to finish up in June.”

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