Fear…Facebook and Twitter raising sense of isolation

By Akene Miyazaki
Student Contributor

People sometimes feel lonely in life. At such a time, people tend to cling to Social Networking Sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  However, the question is do such communication tools really heal our loneliness?

According to the a  sense of isolation investigation that a coherence support service group “Relationship Australia” carried out in 2011, the person who used technology as a communication tool frequently had a stronger sense of isolation. Experimental psychologist Katrina Morrison of the British Leeds University, who has been studying depression and net-dependent relationships for many years points out that social networking sites raise a sense of isolation and adversely affects a body when using these communication tools for long periods of time. “Seeing from a psychological standpoint, it is serious problem to continue the situation without seeing the gesture and hearing the voice of the person,” he said. The opinion of  Morrison and the results of the sense of isolation investigation by “Relationship Australia” are similar. As people use  Social Networking Services as a way to be connected to other people the opportunity for face-to-face communication can be lost.

Of course, Social Networking Services that connect people of the world easily have many benefits too. On the other hand, because you’re addicted to the net to escape from a sense of isolation you do not benefit from the goodwill of a person watching you and verbally responding. The internet is only one tool of communication. If you want to heal your sense of isolation, you need to make the effort to go out to meet people who enjoy the same hobbies, or exchange casual conversations on a face to face basis.

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