Joga bonito: the beautiful game



It’s a brand new season for College of the Desert soccer team and they are coming in with fresh new subs straight from Brazil, six foreign exchange students have enrolled at College of the Desert this semester with goals to bring home a championship.

Gabriel Dias, Nicholas Martinelli, Fabrizio Mazzotini Lucas, Gustavo Lauertino, Vinicus Rocha, and Matheus Silva are the new elements to coach Castillo’s squad this year. Three of the players coming from the city of Sao Paulo, and the other two from Santos and Itaigi Brazil.

While there majors vary from computer science to business, one thing is certain they are here because of the education quality, they say it doesn’t compare to the education quality in Brazil, and why not play the sport that they love while they are here. “We study here and go back to Brazil and have a better job opportunities and more doors open up for us” says Silva.

Dias says that even though they are young this opportunity they are having of being in this country is worth it and will greatly impact there future. He says its perfect the chance to study and play ball is amazing. He hopes to major to math and one day become a civil engineer.


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