‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 rumors and speculation

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays on AMC (Photo Courtesy of Dshthebasis.wordpress.com)

By Erik Jenkins

Culture Editor

Rumors have been swarming regarding AMC’s hit television show, The Walking Dead, which returned for its fifth season in the fall of 2014.

While many rumors have turned out to be just that–rumors–some were actual spoilers; some major spoilers at that.

Since the show has been on break after the mid-season finale on Nov. 30, 2014, more gossip has been spreading. But how many of these rumors are true?

One can never know for sure since production is very good at keeping quiet on where the show is going. In fact, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, often toys with rumors, confusing viewers and causing more speculation. However, there are a few that can possibly be expected to be true.

The first half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season rarely had its dull moments, as opposed to the second half of season four, which often dragged on. Viewers witnessed Carol help the group escape from Terminus, the falsely-advertised safe haven. Terminus was actually occupied by a group of previously good hearted people-turned-cannibals. They captured innocent victims for their next meal.

This was the show’s way of redeeming Carol’s character for the audience, after she received a bad reputation for killing sick members of the group, including Tyreese’s girlfriend, Karen.

Father Gabriel from The Walking Dead comic book, where the show spawned from, was introduced in the first half of season five, as well as a new character, Noah, portrayed by Everybody Hates Chris star, Tyler James Williams.

Morgan, a familiar face from season one, was seen tracking down Rick and his group at the end of episode one this season.

Beth’s whereabouts and conditions were finally revealed, and Maggie and Glenn split from the group to join Abraham on his mission to get Eugene to Washington D.C., only to discover that Eugene had been lying all along. He’s no doctor, and only told Abraham that he was, so that Abraham would protect him.

The first half of season 5 also said goodbye to two well-liked characters. Bob Stokey met his death after being bitten by a walker, but not before getting his leg cut off and eaten right in front of him by the remaining cannibals from Terminus seeking revenge.

Beth was accidentally shot in the head after stabbing her captor’s leader, Dawn, after Rick and the gang came to her rescue. While Dawn seemed to be semi-crazed, the former police officer pulling the trigger was a reaction to being stabbed, and not necessarily to kill Beth.

Actress, Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie, was quoted saying that Maggie’s “dark side” will be showcased since the death of her younger sister, Beth, on the mid-season finale.

The introductions of Noah and Father Gabriel, and the deaths of Bob and Beth were four of the rumors preceding season 5 that ended up having truth to them.

Speculation was that there would be many deaths this season due to last season’s lack thereof.

The rumors of Bob and Beth were backed with the actors who portray the characters, Lawrence Gillard, Jr. and Emily Kinney, supposedly not being seen on set for months.

There are also hints of another event and character from the comics making their debut on the show.

Since putting to rest the rumors of character Daryl possibly being gay, The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman did say that a “prominent” character from the comics who happens to be gay would soon be coming to the show.

Fans of the comics assume this to be Aaron, who is a recruiter at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Virginia. Aaron is said to be played by Ross Marquand.

It has been rumored, since before season 5, that the group would end up in Alexandria, but after the mission to Washington D.C. came to a halt, speculation of there being truth to that has risen.

It is said that Morgan is going to be in episodes of the second half as well. Actress Alexandra Breckenridge may also be joining the cast as a character named Samantha.

Juan Gabriel Pareja, who played Morales in season one, posted a photo of himself on Twitter which looked to be a promo shot for the show with the caption, “Not dead.” This caused speculation as to whether the character would be returning. Morales had left the group with his family, heading for Birmingham, Alabama.

The synopsis for episodes nine through twelve of season 5 have been posted, and they definitely hint at the group arriving to a safe zone similar to the one in Alexandria, and meeting Aaron.

The place is rumored to be called Shirewilt, and Noah’s family is said to be living there.

It is known that many spoilers are never 100% accurate, however, some do come with convincing evidence. One can only know for sure when the episodes air.

The Walking Dead season 5 returned for its second half on Feb. 8 on AMC. Episodes air on Sundays at 9 p.m.

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