Are fireworks too dangerous for fun?

Fireworks are not permitted in some parts of the valley (Photo Courtesy of Publicdomain
Fireworks are not permitted in some parts of the valley (Photo Courtesy of

By Diana Acosta

Student Contributor

This Fourth of July season, some cities in the Coachella Valley will still be allowing the public to light up fireworks. In a city council meeting on Wednesday, April 22, the council officially dropped the ordnance on the ban of illegal fireworks within Cathedral City’s limits. In other words, the city is still one of the four cities including Indio, Bythe, and Coachella in Riverside County allowing people to celebrate the nation’s independence with pyrotechnics.

Some people feel safe around fireworks and others think they are too dagerous to be around suburbs. Current College of the Desert student and resident of Cathedral City Ana Maria Oseguera said,“ I think fireworks are safe and fun. Knowing that I can light them up in the comfort of my own backyard without being fined, is okay by me.” Other Cathedral City residents like Raul Sanchez think the ban is a waste of time. “I would still use them even if they weren’t allowed. Other cities sill use them, so why shouldn’t we?”

Although the ordiance is only for Cathedral City, local Palm Desert resident Marc Evangelista is all in for driving for fun to the next city. “I would make the 10 minute drive to the next city to pop some fireworks. They’re a lot of fun. But if they were legal in Palm Desert, it would be easier.”

Palm Desert has strict rules of no firworks within the city’s limits, but what if they were allowed in the city? “I don’t think it would change here. I would still feel safe at school even if some nuisance brought them to school,” said Oseguera.

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