France declares war with ISIS after attacks



Terror attacks took place in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13, killing 129 people. Three teams of ISIS suicide bombers hit six busy locations around Paris. According to CNN, French President Francois Hollande said his country is at war.  Terrorists armed with automatic weapons and explosive belts massacred unsuspecting patrons enjoying a night out.

Below is a time table of the horrendous events that took place:

9:20 p.m.  An explosion occurred near entrance D at Stade de France, while a soccer match was being played between France and Germany. French President Francois Hollande was inside watching the game, but was safely evacuated. Four people were reported dead.

9:25 p.m.  Two restaurants, Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge, located in Paris’ 10th district at Rue Alibert and Rue Bichat, were attacked by gunmen with Kalashnikov-style assault rifles. 15 people were reported to have been killed.

9:30 p.m.  A second explosion occurred at the Stade de France near entrance H. Both explosions occurred on the same street, Rue Rimet.

9:32 p.m.  Gunmen arrived at a the bar A La Bonne Biere in the 11th district at the corner of Rue Fontaine au Roi and Rue Faubourg du Temple. Five people were killed and eight were wounded.

9:36 p.m.  Gunmen arrived at the restaurant La Belle Equipe at 92 Rue de Charonne and killed 19 people sitting outside the restaurant. An additional nine were wounded.

9:40 p.m.  A suicide bomber detonated a bomb at the 11th district restaurant, Comptoir Voltaire, at 253 Boulevard Voltaire, injuring several persons inside the restaurant, one seriously. At the same time, three gunmen armed with assault rifles entered the venue Bataclan where a blues rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, from Palm Desert, Calif. were playing. An eye witnesses told CNN, the gunmen appeared calm, killing randomly while yelling, “Alluah Akbar”.

9:53 p.m.  A 3rd explosion occurs on Rue de la Cokerie, approximately 400 meters from the Stade de France, near a McDonalds. No injuries are reported although the remains of the suicide bomber were found.

While attending the Strate College of Design as part of a semester abroad program, Cal State Long Beach student, Nohemi Gonzalez, 23 was killed during the attacks. Nohemi’s mother, Beatrice Gonzalez, had this to say to CNN, “I feel lost, sadness and she was my only daughter, she was a very strong young woman. She had big decisions, when she went to do something she committed to whatever she was doing.”

Nohemi was one out of 17 students from CSULB studying abroad.



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