International students celebrate Thanksgiving



IMG_6176_correctedThanksgiving is not just for Americans.  International students, representing 19 countries, celebrated Thanksgiving at the HILB Center to honor their host families, according to Cody McCabe, Director, International Education Program (IEP) at COD.  The event was held on Friday, Nov. 13, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the HILB.  It was a night for international students to come and enjoy, with their host families, a taste of American tradition: Thanksgiving.  Although Thanksgiving is a tradition celebrated in the U.S., the students were eager to participate with their U.S. families.  Everyone was happy, the atmosphere was joyful, the food was delicious, and the entertainment made the evening very special.

Total attendance was in excessive of 110 people, which included the students, host families, and COD staff and administration.  It was all smiles from the time everyone walked through the doors.

IMG_6199_correctedDancers from “Sabor a mi Tierra”, a COD vocational club,  performed a number of dance routines in traditional Mexican costumes.  (See separate story, this issue on page 3 regarding the dancers.)

Food was provided by IEP, served in buffet style and prepared by O’s at the Westfield Shopping Center.  The food included various types of pasta, salads, bread, drinks, pizza, and lots of desserts.


The students and their host guests appeared to be enjoying the great food and the entertainment.  For some students, it was their first Thanksgiving celebration.

The event could not have happened without the assistance of the members of the international students club.  They were there to provide help with setting up, greeting the guests, and making sure the night went smoothly.  Some of the students performed for the guests towards the end of the night.



  • Rumin Xu, from Shanghai, China









  • Marlene Schneieer, from Germany


  • Omozogie Asiruwa, from Nigeria
IEP, Intensive English Academy, & International Students club.
IEP, Intensive English Academy, & International Students club.











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