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Many College of the Desert students are not paying rent. They’re living with their parents and saving money.

Yusilla Hernandez, a student worker at COD’s Student Life Office, is currently living at home and saving money for her upcoming transfer to a UC school, hopefully near San Diego. Hernandez wants to be financially stable there, but says “the cost of living may be high in San Diego too.” When asked about housing, she helpfully guides students to the COD housing webpage containing links to websites such as and It also offers a downloadable PDF ‘Guide to Off-Campus Housing’, with a helpful checklist for tasks such as obtaining a student’s own renter’s insurance. The web page has a paragraph disclaimer that these materials are only suggestions, and the college cannot be held responsible.

Isiah Estrada, another student worker says that it is the norm for students in the valley to live with their parents. Estrada says he has one acquaintance that does not live with her parents, and she is not a full-time student.

According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office report, Californians pay nearly 1  1/2 times the monthly rent that the rest of the U.S. pays. An internet search using websites similar to the ones provided by COD Student Life reveals that within twenty miles of the college, the lowest room for rent is $400 per month, and the average cost is $600. There is no mention of utility costs.

One student said that COD is called a community college for a reason, inferring that students in our community should be helped by their parents, thus the word ‘community’.

Community College Week Magazine states that while only, “about 80 of 1,200 community colleges across the country offer residence halls,” the list of those offering on-campus housing is growing. The periodical also states that students can benefit academically from student housing on campus.

The Student Life Office is currently located in the Dining Hall/ Student Life building in room 114. There are five bulletin boards located outdoors and around the campus that currently contain four approved advertisements for renting living space. The link to the housing web page can be found on the COD website by clicking at the top on a very small link titled Student Services and then clicking Student Life.





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