The new Chaparral staff of the spring 2016 semester



The New Chaparral staff of 2016
The New Chaparral staff of 2016

Student voice of College of the Desert since 1962 is back and stronger than ever this Spring semester. With four returning students and 13 new students The Chaparral is a much larger group of news reporters.

The Chaparral filled the advisor position, when Prof. Ted Grofer retired, with Prof. Laurilie Jackson. For more information about Prof. Jackson, please turn to page 3.

During the 2015 Fall semester , The Chaparral only had six students enrolled. “The increase in number of students would have hoped to reduce the amount of work necessary for some positions, but the work is still as hard as with the six.”, returning student and production manager, Warren Horton, said.

Being part of The Chaparral has responsibilities. Having to go out, find and write three to four stories per page and submit for approval.  Once the stories are approved the writers have to start working on each page using a desktop publishing program called Quark 2015. Once all eight pages of The Chaparral are constructed and converted to PDF, the Editor-in-Chief and Production Manager proof-read each page to make sure there are no mistakes. After that, the PDF files are uploaded to a company called Gannett, via internet. Gannett owns The Desert Sun and other newspaper companies. After it arrives at Gannet, they check the order and send it to The Desert Sun where approximately 3,100 copies of The Chaparral are printed late Sunday night. Monday morning, the production manager picks up the copies, brings it to the Chaparral newsroom where two news reporters distribute it around the campus.

“It is a creative opportunity that offers plenty of hands on experience that can be directly applied to the real world.”, current affairs editor, Harry Limonadi said.

The Chaparral will be published five times this semester. Interested in becoming a part of The Chaparral?  Have any story ideas? Email us:

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