College of the Desert security find new ways to keep students safe



The COD Public Safety Department plans to switch emergency notification systems on campus in the near future.

In order to reach students, in case of an emergency, the safety department is switching from Alert-U, which can reach students via text, to a system called Rave. Rave will allow students to get notifications on Facebook, Twitter, and other social network apps, making it easier for students to stay informed.

“A lot of the bigger campuses have it.  I know when I went to Cal State they had it, that’s what we’re trying to do,“ said Bridget Puentes, a two-year safety officer at College of the Desert. Rave will not require students to sign up, but will require them to opt out if they don’t want to use the service.

In addition, the college has installed speakers to broadcast important information in case of an emergency. Classroom and office phones can also be used to send information to all campuses including Mecca/Thermal and Indio.

The safety department also plans to install door-stops in every classroom that are designed to keep anyone from entering a building in case of an emergency. These safety measures will help the safety department respond quickly to emergencies and keep students safe. 


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